All the Parts You Haven’t LostELJ Editions (forthcoming, 2024)
Hybrid prose & poetry full-length collection

Lived in Bars |Stubborn Mule Press (2019)
Hybrid prose & poetry full-length collection

Roots Grew Wild |Kingdoms in the Wild Press (2019)
Poetry chapbook; Winner: 2018 KITW Poetry Prize

Poetry and Prose:

Creative Nonfiction

“How to Be Catfished Over AIM at Age 14” | Chaotic Merge 
*Nominated: Best of the Net, Pushcart Prize 

“Pineapple Shakes” | Pioneertown

“Dinner and a Movie, or How to Not to Feel Poor for One Night” |  Sky Island Journal

“1-800-COMEPICKMEUPMOM” | Canned

“To the Stars” | Under the Gum Tree

“Something About Perspective” | The Manifest Station
Cross-genre / Creative Prose

“Drew Barrymore Was Everything, and Then She Was Stabbed Three Times and Hanged From a Tree” |Drunk Monkeys 
Creative Nonfiction 

“Aversion” |Mom Egg Review
Cross-genre / Creative Prose

“The Funeral” |Crab Fat Magazine
CNF flash, anthologized in “Best of 2018”

“A Love Letter to Buffy Summers” FreezeRay
Hybrid nonfiction

Short Fiction:

“The Mission Inn” |Fiction Southeast
Flash fiction 

BONUS: The Story Behind the Story: Behind “The Mission Inn”

“The Bum Steer” |Abstract Magazine
Flash fiction

“Reflections While Driving on the New Jersey Turnpike” |The Esthetic Apostle
Flash fiction 

“Muted” |(mac)ro(mic)
Flash fiction

“Roots” |Flash Fiction Magazine
Flash fiction 

“The One and Only” |Lou Lit Magazine
Short fiction

“Oenaville, Texas” |Toasted Cheese 
Flash fiction 

“Anatomy of a Car Crash”| Synecdoche 
Short fiction 


“Slow Boil” | Emerge Literary Journal

“Dandelion Heart;” “best laid plans” | Bristlecone Magazine

“Creationism Theory;” “Curling Iron Anecdote;” “Everyone is a Sex Trafficker” | Cathexis Northwest Press

“To my daughters, as two lost souls on the sinking Titanic, third party witnesses to the love saga and imminent death of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater” | High Shelf Press

“#MOMBOD” | FreezeRay 

“This house” | Great Weather For Media 

“Pandemic Growth Chart” | Train River (forthcoming in special COVID Anthology)

“There’s This Particular Way My Mother Cooks” | South Broadway Ghost Society (printed in the Thought For Food Anthology benefiting Denver Food Rescue)

“To the Body That No Longer Feels Sexual” |Suspect Press

“Souvenir,” “Trestling” |Soft Cartel 

“Lou Ella” |K’in

“World,” “On the Border” |The Cerurove

“Nostalgia for Future Tense” |The Pangolin Review

“Skinless,” “Leathered” |Rag Queen Periodical

“It’s Jazz Night” |COUNTERCLOCK
*Nominated: Best of the Net

“Mermaid Fins” | Literary Mama

“Six Days of Waiting” |Mothers Always Write 

“Your Mother’s Womb” |Rat’s Ass Review 
*Nominated: Best of the Net

“Arduous Vessels” |So to Speak 

 “Linger” |Shark Reef 

“But We All Lost our Virginities in the Orange Groves” |Rat’s Ass Review 

“Because I Say I Hate the Ocean, Except When I’m Alone” |Split Lip Magazine 

“Buffer” |Synecdoche 

Essays and Articles:

“Elegy for my magical milk-producing breasts” | Mutha Magazine

 “VHS Horror Culture: Scream as the Ultimate Millennial Hangout Movie” | Bright Wall/Dark Room
Creative Film Analysis 

“I Loved Breastfeeding My Child—Until I Didn’t” | Motherly
Personal essay 

“One Perfect Episode: Dead Man’s Party” | Drunk Monkeys 
Creative Film Analysis 

“A Review of Susan Lewis’ How to be Another” | The Compulsive Reader
Book review 

“I [deconstruct] Huckabees” |Synecdoche 
Critical essay


Research Papers in Progress:

“Bisexual Awakenings: The Role of Nostalgia in Queer Representation of The Mummy Franchise” | Mummy Edited Collection Project

“Monstrous Masculinity: Defining the Gothic Origins of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Toxic Male Tropes” | Ongoing research