2019 Lived in Bars |Stubborn Mule Press
Hybrid prose & poetry full-length collection

2019 Roots Grew Wild |Kingdoms in the Wild Press
Poetry chapbook; Winner: 2018 KITW Poetry Prize

Poetry and Prose:

Creative Nonfiction

2021 “Dinner and a Movie, or How to Not to Feel Poor for One Night” | Sky Island Journal

2021 “1-800-COMEPICKMEUPMOM” | Canned

2021 “To the Stars” | Under the Gum Tree

2020 “Something About Perspective” | The Manifest Station
Cross-genre / Creative Prose

2019 “Drew Barrymore Was Everything, and Then She Was Stabbed Three Times and Hanged From a Tree” |Drunk Monkeys 
Creative Nonfiction 

2019 “Aversion” |Mom Egg Review
Cross-genre / Creative Prose

2018 “The Funeral” |Crab Fat Magazine
CNF flash, anthologized in “Best of 2018”

Short Fiction:

2019 “The Mission Inn” |Fiction Southeast
Flash fiction

2019 “The Bum Steer” |Abstract Magazine
Flash fiction

2018 “Reflections While Driving on the New Jersey Turnpike” |The Esthetic Apostle
Flash fiction 

2018 “Muted” |(mac)ro(mic)
Flash fiction

2018 “Roots” |Flash Fiction Magazine
Flash fiction 

2018 “A Love Letter to Buffy Summers” FreezeRay
Flash fiction

2018 “The One and Only” |Lou Lit Magazine
Short fiction

2018 “Oenaville, Texas” |Toasted Cheese 
Flash fiction 

2006   “Anatomy of a Car Crash”| Synecdoche 
Short fiction 


2020 “Pandemic Growth Chart” | Train River (forthcoming in special Fall COVID Anthology)

2020 “There’s This Particular Way My Mother Cooks” | South Broadway Ghost Society (printed in the Thought For Food Anthology benefiting Denver Food Rescue)

2020 “To the Body That No Longer Feels Sexual” |Suspect Press

2018 “Souvenir,” “Trestling” |Soft Cartel 

2018 “Lou Ella” |K’in

2018 “World,” “On the Border” |The Cerurove

2018 “Nostalgia for Future Tense” |The Pangolin Review

2018 “Skinless,” “Leathered” |Rag Queen Periodical

2018 “It’s Jazz Night” |COUNTERCLOCK
*Nominated: Best of the Net

2018   “Mermaid Fins” |Literary Mama

2017    “Six Days of Waiting” |Mothers Always Write 

2017   “Your Mother’s Womb” |Rat’s Ass Review 
*Nominated: Best of the Net

2017   “Arduous Vessels” |So to Speak 

2016   “Linger” |Shark Reef 

2015   “But We All Lost our Virginities in the Orange Groves” |Rat’s Ass Review 

2014   “Because I Say I Hate the Ocean, Except When I’m Alone” |Split Lip Magazine 

2007   “Buffer” |Synecdoche 

Essays and Articles:

2021 “Elegy for my magical milk-producing breasts” | Mutha Magazine

2020 “VHS Horror Culture: Scream as the Ultimate Millennial Hangout Movie” | Bright Wall/Dark Room
Creative Film Analysis 

2020 “I Loved Breastfeeding My Child—Until I Didn’t” | Motherly
Personal essay 

2020 “One Perfect Episode: Dead Man’s Party” | Drunk Monkeys 
Creative Film Analysis 

2015   “A Review of Susan Lewis’ How to be Another” | The Compulsive Reader
Book review 

2007   “I [deconstruct] Huckabees” |Synecdoche 
Critical essay

Papers in Progress:

“Monstrous Masculinity: Defining the Gothic Origins of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Toxic Male Tropes” | Ongoing research